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ssrc Competitions 

Shropshire South Riding Club aim to hold a variety of competitions throughout the membership year to meet all levels of riding abilities.  
SSRC Open Dressage Competitions are held throughout the year at Kyre Equestrian Centre with classes starting from Walk and Trot (ideal for the nervous and novice horse and riders), Prelimanary, Novice, Elementary and finally Medium.  At selected dates there may even be Dressage to Music practice classes and Riding Tests.  

The club hold open dressage competitions throughout the year.  We include NPS, Cricklands Qualifiers and ROR Riding Club Challenge.  

All classes are ridden under British Riding Club/British Dressage Rules. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry, cancel, amalgamate or alter classes at their discretion.

SSRC Members will gain accumulator points during all SSRC and Kyre Dressage Competitions from November 2015 to October 2016 for scores of 60% and over ROSETTES: 1 - 14 starters - first to sixth 15 starters and over - first to tenth

NPS Supreme Dressage Qualifier for the championships at Addington in April 2016.  Please state on the entry form which section you wish to qualify for-
1. Registered Mountain & Moorland breeds not exceeding 138cm
2. Registered Mountain & Moorland breeds exceeding 138cm
3. Registered British Riding Ponies
4. Part Bred Horses/Ponies registered with their appropriate Native Breed Part Bred Stud Book including Part Bred Arab ponies over-stamped in the British Riding Pony Stud book and ponies registered with the British Sports Pony Stud Book. Please note Part Bred Native ponies and Sports ponies over stamped within the British Riding Pony & Stud Book may only compete in one section per season
5. Highest placed Mini rider aged under 12 years on 1st January 2016
6. Highest placed Junior rider under 18 years on 1st January 2016
For more information on this qualifier, please visit

To be eligible to qualify for the Preliminary and Novice; The Dressage Winter League Finals March 2016, you must gain 58% or above in any Prelim, Novice and Elementary class . If the score is achieved the competitor can request an cricklands qualification card. For more information on this Championship, please visit

Eligibility: For horses with an RoR number only – Registration is FREE and can be completed at – registration number is required with entry. Please remember that unraced and foreign raced horses are eligible to receive an RoR number. An RoR RC Challenge Rosette will be awarded to the horse and rider (member or non-member of the club) combination scoring the most points on the day – points are awarded for class placing and participation. An RoR trophy will be awarded at the end of 2016 to the Shropshire South Riding Club member with an ex racehorse (RoR Registered) accruing the most points at a Shropshire SouthRiding Club Show/events in 2016. Rules: 1. To be eligible your horse must have an RoR number. This number must be placed on entry sheet. 2. Each Class entered will earn 1 point. 3. Placings in the class will earn points as follows – 1st = 7 points scaling down to 7th= 1 point 4. The winner of the RoR RCC Challenge Rosette will be the horse and rider accruing the most points on the show day; we will endeavour to announce the results on the day of the show; if the show is exceptionally busy then the result will be announced asap and the rosette will be posted to the winner if necessary. 5. Points will only be awarded if you are RoR registered on the day of the show, and points cannot be awarded retrospectively.